Hello! Welcome to our website.  If you are looking for a truly special gift, one that will be treasured for years to come, one that will be turned to for encouragement and inspiration, look no further.  Being Enough is a book that was written during a time the author felt lost and confused.  The comfort he received from nature and the words and photographs he created speak to almost anyone who has ever felt adrift during life's inevitable ups and downs.  Whether this gift is for a friend or loved one (or for yourself!), Being Enough will be read time after time for reassurance during life's uncertainties. 


Being Enough

In its normal, undisturbed state,

nature is always enough.

There is always enough sunlight.

There are always enough trees in the forest.

There are always enough mountains to shelter the valleys.

There is always enough natural food

for the animals and enough water in the streams.

And the eagle always flies high enough on wings that

are always strong enough.


And in all this glorious,

 natural world, nothing more is required

for the mountains, forest, and

all that abide there, to be all God intended.

They are enough.

But as we, in the hurry and

 struggle of our lives, put ever greater

distances between ourselves and

 our true nature, we tend to forget

 that we too are enough.


In our striving to prove

ourselves, to compete, to please,

to succeed, we lose touch with

our own adequacy and our natural wholeness.

And why?

Most often because we are

 attempting to live a truth that is not ours,

to follow a path that is not natural for us.

We bend, stretch and reach beyond

 our grasp to achieve, to perform.

But for whom?


And then, there are those

 among us, men and women we encounter,

 who are being enough.  The writer who

 finds the words without struggle.

  The composer-musician for whom the

 melody is everlasting.  The teacher who

 conveys the message with such

ease and thoroughness.

And we say of them,

 "They were meant to do that;

 it comes to them so naturally."


Yes.  Because they are

 living in the center of their truth.

And so can each of us live at

the epicenter of our truth.

But how?

First, by accepting what we are not.

We are not defined by the

 measure of our material, professional

success and achievement;

  we are bigger than that.


We are not forever obligated to

 careers outside out truth; we are broader

 than that.  We are not required to wager

 our personhood in an attempt to

 please anyone; we are more

 precious than that.

So listen in faith within to hear the

 song that is uniquely you.

And remember as you do there are

enough trees, not one too many.

Whatever your gift, your task, it is

 precisely what is needed.


Here? Yes, here. Now? Right now.

Listen to your song and move your life

 to its tempo.  That is the melody that only you can

 sing and that all the world wants to hear.

Because you too are enough.  Enough to

 fill the universal space reserved especially for

 your spirit.  Accept it, own it and leave

 the other tunes to someone else.


For like all the rest of nature,

as you are about being, being enough-

you will discover that nothing more

 is required of you to be just as

 perfect as God intended.

There is great freedom in that. 

 For you were born to that energy.

  Your life, from the very first moment,

was tuned to that melody. 

 Your intuition knows every note.

  Your spirit feels its compelling tempo.


Flow with it like the rushing stream.

Soar with it on eagle's wings.

Listen to your song and join the dance.

Live in the center of your truth

and find the bliss of always being enough.

Being Enough, Being Enough Vol I



The leaves in our lives

In our own lives,

when we allow our egos to judge

 for us what is truly important,

 too often we assign more meaning to

 the fleeting brilliance in our existence. 

Holding to it, fearing it will not last. 

Striving to reproduce it even when

 our inner spirit's growth is unattended,

the victim of our tedium and struggle.

And then, we let our egos chase

the color in life while we ignore

 our only real task.

Excerpt from The leaves in our lives, Being Enough Vol II


How wonderful

I am the calm

that holds the cloud

against the mountainside,

 hiding its peak.

I feel the strength of these

 great hills; their power quietly shelters

 me against that part of life

 that overwhelms.

They accept my weakness,

 forgiving my doubt that the

 storm would pass.

Excerpt from How wonderful, Being Enough Vol II 

Your Harvest

The harvests in our lives

 are rarely so well-defined in the

 rush of the days flying by.

But if we are to lay

by for ourselves in anticipation

of whatever the years will bring,

we must come to that quietness

 that is our spiritual and

emotional reserve.

An yet,

 where are the silos in our lives?

Where do we find to store

 our strength against life's elements?

Look closely and you'll see

 where your silo stands.

It stands in the moment

you share honestly that experience

 with your child, your friend

or one you love.

Watch as you store that love against

the day that they are away.

Excerpt from Your Harvest, Being Enough Vol II